Research & Development Laboratory


The R. & D. activities is one of the firm focus of Rifinizione Santo Stefano S.p.A.


In the last years, very innovative processes, like ammonia treatment, finishing of hollow fibres and the shrinkproofing treatment on wool fabrics, have being set – up.


For the improving of the modifications occurring within these processes as within the usual processes, Santo Stefano has build a full optional chemical laboratory, include fabrics analysis as finishing extraction, solving of precipitates and so on.

The following techniques are actually available:

1)     Infrared Spectroscopy (Nexus spectrometer from NICOLET) with ATR technique, for the study in reflection mode of fibres, dyestuff and  coating fabrics.

2)     Infrared Spectroscopy with transmission technique for qualitative analysis of chemicals and textile auxiliares.

3)     Infrared Microscopy (CONTINUUM spectrometer from NICOLET), for the study of defects, soils on fabrics or yarns, precipitates with dimensions under 100x 100 micron. Moreover surface I.R.  mapping with reflection and transmission mode.

4)     Scanning Electron Microscopy with ESEM technology (QUANTA200 microscope from FEI) for the study of:

a)        surface morphology (e.g. determination of different fibres in mixture)

b)        analysis of surface modification during textile transformation (e.g. cotton mercerising, wool shrinkproofing, resin treatments)

5)     Micro-analysis EDX, for the determination of chemical elements in particles of nano dimension. (e.g. micro-precipitates on fibres).


With this method we can deeply know products and processes and it is possible to research and develop new techniques thanks of the best knowledge of the matter behaviour.

Moreover, these techniques can also be applied to other types of material (e.g. plastics, powders, ceramics and so on).


The very considerable efforts for the R. & D. laboratory building –up, born with the goal of support to a very deeply knowledge of processes and products, and to lead the company and customers toward the development of really innovative products.


  Email: Dott. Simone Zumatri